Leyenda del clavel de aire

Legend of the air carnation

Tillandsia aeranthos, commonly called air carnation or aerial carnation, belongs to the Tillandsia genus, of the bromeliad family. They are found in the forests and mountains of Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay. Today we will narrate the legend of the carnation.

Legend of the air carnation

A beautiful and sad legend about the carnation of the air runs throughout the Argentine northwest; plant that lives hanging from the trunks or branches of ancient carob trees or from bare rocks.
The same one refers that during a minga, a young Spanish officer fell in love with an Indian woman known as Shullca, who at no time reciprocated his passionate love. He then swore to take revenge on the one who thus despised her affection, and one afternoon when he found her alone in the mountains he began to chase her.

Legend of the air carnation

The girl, in her desperation, climbed the highest branch of a dense carob tree that the wind swayed, threatening to topple her. The young man asked her with good words that she get off her, promising to respect her if she did so. As the girl refused, she threatened him with her dagger. What she could not plead, least she managed the threat of it. And between spiteful and furious he threw the weapon that went to stick in the chest of the poor girl.
Like a bird, Shullca’s body fell into the void, followed by that of the Hispanic officer.

Legend of the air carnation

A drop of blood managed to moisten the trunk of the tree. And there the carnation of the air was born, which before a flower is, according to Joaquin V. González, a ray of light modeled in the shape of mystical lilies, with three petals of very soft and almost volatile tissue with whiteness and aroma of seraphic virginity, because it is the soul of the earth, and embodied in such a delicious body, it lives on top of it, impregnating it with its breath that is grace and love.

Sad story for such a beautiful flower.

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