Legends about the origin of flowers

Legends about the origin of flowers

Hello friends, in previous articles about flowers we have told some of their legends and myths. But today I have decided to look for the legends about the origin of flowers.

The following legends were taken from different articles on the internet, until obtaining this beautiful compilation. Enjoy it.

The legend of Kospi: the creation of flowers

1st legend about the origin of flowers

The Tehuelche legend tells that a long time ago the plants did not give flowers in the spring, they only gave the green that covered Patagonia and, in addition, the Tehuelches lived with the gods in nature. In that period, there lived a beautiful young woman named Kospi, who was admired by all for her great beauty and simplicity; She had big sweet eyes, long black hair worthy of admiration and a shy but cheerful smile.

Kospi wove blankets and painted them as all Tehuelche women did. One day, a great storm hit the camp and the young woman went out to the entrance of her parents’ kau (awning) to see the rain, it was then that Karut, the god of thunder, saw her and was amazed at her beauty. He fell in love with her instantly, but he didn’t think she could love him back. Them, he was rough and crude and she was delicate and beautiful; he was devastated by this and decided that the best he could do was kidnap Kospi.

Legends about the origin of flowers

Karut grabbed the young girl and rumbled through the sky until she reached the high, snowy mountain range. There he hid her in a glacier and left. Kospi cried desolately for days and her sorrow began to cool her body until it froze and became ice, thus becoming part of the glacier. When the god of thunder returned a few days later to see her, he could not find her and was furious at the thought that she had escaped from her; he screamed in anger and despair.

The clouds, hearing him, shuddered and it began to rain. He rained on the glacier for days and it melted along with Kospi’s spirit. He came down the mountains like water until he reached the valleys and soaked the earth. At sunrise, the young woman felt the need to go out to see the light and feel the heat of the day on her skin, she climbed the stems of the plants and when she reached the top the first flowers bloomed on the Chilean patagonia. For this reason, the Tehuelches call the flower petals: kospi.

2nd legend about the origin of flowers

They say that a very beautiful girl lived in Patagonia. They say that the young people who knew her used to walk long distances just to be able to contemplate her, although she and she did not go from afar and if she recognized them, they received as a reward the wide smile of the beautiful Kospi.

Like all Tehuelche women, Kospi wove blankets and also painted them.

The young lady loved sitting on the shores of the lake, while the sun warmed up the afternoon, looking at herself mirrored in the crystalline waters, unbraiding her long, black hair and combing it with her little bone comb.

This is how Karut, the thunder, surprised her that autumn day.

Karut had been chasing her for many moons, of course she didn’t pay attention to him, which made Karut very angry.

Legends about the origin of flowers: Karut and Kospi

However, this time the thunder was determined to achieve its goal, and without her having time to react and defend herself, Karut imprisoned her in his powerful claws, kidnapped her and took her with him. He climbed the high peaks and locked her in a cave far from everything and everyone.

As much as the beautiful Kospi cried, kicked and begged, Karut, the thunder was not moved. She was imprisoned in the most absolute loneliness. Her grief was great and the sepulchral cold of the mountain froze the young woman’s soul and body.

Up there on the gloomy peak, the icy air first made her feet numb, then it climbed up her legs and up her body until it was frozen and merged with the ice of the peaks.

Maybe that was why. that Karut lost her in the immensity and as much as she shouted with her tremendous booming voice making the earth tremble, she could only wake up Rain that began to fall and it rained incessantly who knows how much…

Kospi, now just a mass of ice, was swept away and as it slid down the side of the mountain, the fearful sun melted the ice and the water sought the valley until it flooded.

And spring came.

Kospi, made a drop, climbed up the stem of a plant, reached the top and climbed up a branch and when he touched the end, he was finally able to glimpse his beloved town again, and ohhh surprise!, it burst into a colorful flower.

Perhaps because of this in Tehuelche the flower petals are called kospi.

These are two variants of the same legend about the origin of flowers. I hope you have enjoyed them. If so, leave me your comments and share these legends on social networks, which are part of the history of our peoples.

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