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The Rose of Jericho: origin, its characteristics and care

Although its name may confuse us, the Rose of Jericho is a fern from the Brassicaceae family, not a rose. Its scientific name is Anastatica hierochuntica.

Origin and characteristics

The rose of Jericho is native to the deserts of Arabia and the areas bathed by the Red Sea. It is also known as the resurrection plant or doradilla. It is characterized by being a fern with great resistance to desiccation and, its most important characteristic, is that it is capable of drying completely and re-emerging when it comes into contact with water.

dead rose of jericho
Dead rose of jericho

When the plant is subjected to a dry climate, it retracts both its small roots and its aerial part, turning into a ball that appears dry and dead. In this state, and due to its shape and light weight, the wind can move it to a more humid area, where the plant will revive, putting down its roots again and recovering its color and vitality.


This plant is easy to grow. You should only keep it in a humid area, with good lighting, but without the wind punishing it too much. You can even have it completely submerged in water, either in a fish tank or any other container you dedicate to it.


In ancient times, the rose of Jericho was used as a weather forecaster and, due to its characteristics, it was quite accurate. Well, depending on the humidity, it can change its appearance, so the shamans considered that it had a fairly credible forecast about the weather. When the plant dried and closed, it was a sign that the weather would be dry, but if it began to open and stay green, then it would rain.

Its power was not only classified in the climate, since different cultures considered the rose of Jericho as sacred and magical, due to its superpower to absorb bad energies and transform them into positive ones.

I invite you to grow this beautiful plant.

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