Leyenda de la flor de pascua

Legend of the poinsettia

The poinsettia is a beautiful plant that blooms precisely at this time of the year that gives it its name. The scientific name is Euphorbia pulcherrima, but it is also known as poinsettia flower, Christmas flower, Cuetlaxochitl, pascuero, federal star, shepherdess or poinsettia, among others. It is a species of the Euphorbiaceae family native to Mexico. Below we will recount the legend of the poinsettia.

A beautiful Mexican legend tells that a long, long time ago, the inhabitants of a small town in Mexico, gathered in a church every year to leave a gift to the baby Jesus.
Little Pablo liked this tradition very much, because during that day, he saw many people arriving from far away with very showy and colorful gifts. Some brought the best bread, fruits, even wool or precious objects carved in wood. All these people climbed the hill that led to the church and deposited their gifts there.

legend of the Poinsettia

Years passed and the tradition continued. But Paul was getting sadder and sadder. He would like to be able to bring a gift, like all those people, but his family was so poor that they didn’t even have shoes for his son.
The year in which the Poinsettia was born.
That year, Pablo accompanied all the people to the church and, once there, he hid in a corner to admire all the gifts. They were beautiful, very beautiful. He was so sad to understand that he could never bring a gift to the baby Jesus that he began to cry.
But then something wonderful happened: from the tears that fell on the ground, a plant began to grow. It was a beautiful flower with huge red petals.

legend of the Poinsettia
Paul then understood that this flower was a gift from God for him to take to the baby Jesus. He couldn’t have found a better gift! And the child carried, barefoot, his precious red flower to the place where the gifts to the child God were deposited.

The other people were very surprised. Seeing that flower, which they had never seen before, they thought it was a miracle, and a sign. They decided to call that plant Flor de Pascua or Flor de Nochebuena. They took care of her and got many more identical ones.
From then on, everyone put in their houses, in a visible place, a precious Poinsettia, to indicate that Christmas was beginning and to remember the gift that Paul gave to the baby Jesus. This is how the legend of the poinsettia was born.

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