Leyenda de Adonis

Legend of Adonis

Adonis is a genus of terrestrial plants that contains more than 40 species in the Ranunculaceae family. They are native to Eurasia, where they occur in the wild. They are perennial plants that can reach up to 40-50cm. Its flowers are terminal, solitary. Adonis flowers have five sepals and their petals, which can be five, eight or multiples, can be yellow, red, or orange. Some species are cultivated for ornamental purposes for their beautiful flowers. That is why today we will narrate the legend of Adonis.

Legend of Adonis

Legend of Adonis

Adonis, son of the king of Cyprus and Myrrh, fell in love with Venus, goddess of love and beauty, and she left heaven for him. But Mars, driven by jealousy, because Venus had abandoned him, decided to take revenge on Adonis. And he did it by going out to meet the young hunter transformed into a violent boar. Adonis shot an arrow at the animal, and the boar, wounded, followed the young man until it reached him and sank its fangs into him with a bite that killed Adonis.

It was Cephiro who was in charge of taking the last breath of the beautiful young man to the goddess, but when Venus came to his aid it was already too late… he begged Jupiter to bring Adonis back to life, but fate did not allow it. The tears shed by the goddess, touching the blood of her dead loved one, were transformed into a flower called Adonis, delicate and bright.

Legend of Adonis

Sad history, like almost all those that give rise to beautiful flowers like this one. If you liked the story, share it on your networks so that your friends can also learn about it. We also invite you to know the Legend about the origin of flowers.

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