Leyenda de la Rosa de Jericó

Legend of the Rose of Jericho

The rose of Jericho is also known as the “flower of the Resurrection”, since it is attributed the property of dying and then returning to life. The rose of Jericho is native to the deserts of Arabia and the areas bathed by the Red Sea. This plant is a fern from the Brassicaceae family. Its scientific name is Anastatica hierochuntica. Below I share the legend of the Rose of Jericho.

Legend of the Rose of Jericho

It is said that in those days when Joseph and Mary fled from Bethlehem with the Child Jesus, to save him from the slaughter of the innocents, ordered by King Herod, the Holy Family crossed the plains of Jericho. When the Virgin got off the donkey she was riding, this little flower sprouted at her feet, to greet the Savior, whom Mary was carrying in her arms.

During the Savior’s life on earth, the rose of Jericho continued to bloom. But when He expired on the cross, all of these roses withered and died at the same time as Him. However, three days later, Christ was resurrected, and the roses of Jericho came to life, sprouting and flourishing over the plain, as a sign of the land’s joy at the resurrection of Jesus.

Beautiful legend without a doubt. If you want to know more about this curious plant, I recommend our article on The Rose of Jericho.

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Taken from: Jardinedia

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