Legend of the Plumeria (May flower)

Frangipani, Plumeria, sacuanjoche… This plant is known by various names. Due to its exquisite fragrance and delicate colors it has earned a place in our hearts. However, few know about the legend of the Plumeria. Today we will be telling you about this sad story.

This famous legend is known as the legend of the flower of May or Saknicté. It is one of the legends that appear in the book Mayan Legends, Legends and Poems Collection, which tells ancient stories from Yucatan. This refers to the emergence of the Plumeria plants, in Mayan Saknicté.

Legend of the Plumeria
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Legend of the Plumeria

It is said that a Mayan Indian, married, but still had no children; he spent much of his time observing the stars of the Southern Cross. On nights in May, this man asked the gods to allow him to have a daughter as beautiful as the stars he had watched for a long time. One day the gods granted his wish and his wife gave birth to a daughter as beautiful as he himself wished, but the girl was not entirely perfect, she was born very sickly.
In her adolescence, her illness worsened, despite all the efforts her family made, taking her to all the healers in the region. In the month of May, the girl died when the Southern Cross was brighter. The day after she died, her father dreamed that the girl had traveled to the stars to which she belonged.

The girl was buried. Next year, in the month of May, when the constellation was shining again, the tree that today is known as La Flor de Mayo arose from the place where the girl was buried.

Legend of the Plumeria
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It is a sad story, like almost all the ones we have been able to read in our articles, about the origin of the most beautiful flowers.

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