Leyenda del girasol

Sunflower Legends

The sunflower is one of the flowers that transmits the most joy and light to us just by seeing them. This beautiful flower is also considered the national flower of Ukraine. You can see more about their care and characteristics in the article we have about them. But now I will only tell you some stories about its origin, the legends of the sunflower.

Legends of the sunflower

Sunflower Legends: Nymph Clytie

Legend has it that a young water nymph Clytie, daughter of the god Oceanus and the sea goddess Tethys, fell in love with the god of light and the sun Apollo. Her love came to such a degree that she followed her path every day since she left her palace until she arrived at sunset from the west. Her love and obsession with her was so great that she forgot to eat and drink. And although she failed to win Apollo’s love, little by little, Clytie began to take root until she ended up becoming a beautiful sunflower. A flower that to date continues to follow the sun, without forgetting its main objective, love.

Legends of the sunflower

Another legend about the origin of the sunflower I tell you below.

Legends of the sunflower: Mandío

It is said that on the sides of the Paraná River, there were two tribes, one on each side. The chiefs of these tribes were Pirayú and Mandío. It is said that they were very good friends. One day Mandío wanted to further unite the tribes and asked Pirayú to let him marry his daughter. Pirayú replied that this was impossible, because his daughter had promised her life to the Sun God, and every day she did nothing but spend hours looking at the Sun. On cloudy days she felt very afflicted and that she only lived for him.
Mandío was very upset with what his friend told him and full of rage he wanted to take revenge for the contempt of Pirayú’s daughter.
Time passed, and one day Pirayú’s daughter was sailing, observing the Sun; she saw from afar that her village was on fire. When he reached the shore he found everything devastated, and there was Mandío, who told him that his only salvation was to ask his Sun God to end everything. Pirayú did not hesitate to ask from the depths of his heart that the Sun God save to his village; the prayers were heard and sunbeams covered Mandío making him disappear and saving the village from him. In the place where he disappeared, Mandío sprouted a plant with large yellow flowers that always follow the direction of the sun, the sunflower.

Legends of the sunflower

Stories of love and heartbreak surround this beautiful flower. But they are a spectacular gift for any occasion.

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