Rosa negra de Halfeti

Black rose of Halfeti: an exotic and beautiful Turkish flower

Hello, lovers of flowers and plants. We have already talked in several articles about roses. But today’s article is special, because we will talk about the black rose of Halfeti.

Black Rose of Halfeti


Rosa negra de halfeti

The black rose of Halfeti bears his name because they only occur originally in a village in the south of Turkey that bears that name. The dark or black color is due to the special conditions of the soil, which has a high density and anthocyanins (water-soluble pigments) that react to pH. In addition some claim that the water of the Euphrates River is also due to quality.


One of the most curious features of this flower is that it only turns black in the summer months, the rest of the year its color is a red or dark violet. These roses are very difficult to find and the seeds even more. These roses are not the result of any hybridization, but are naturally like that, and belong to the classification of Wild Roses.

The black rose of Halfeti has small clusters of dark petals that shade the wet Turkish land.

Halfeti rose seeds


Although this flower is very valuable worldwide, in Turkey they are not so much. This is due to its black color, which means bad omen, as a symbol of death or invocation of it. Sometimes they also relate it to the occult arts.

For this reason the Turks tend to tear these plants, causing it is currently in danger of extinction. For other cultures they are a symbol of mystery.

In the 90s they moved the village 10 kilometers for the construction of the Birecik dam. To the amazement of the inhabitants, their blossoming flowers were red instead of black.

Black Rose of Halfeti

In order to save this strange and exotic species, the authorities made greenhouses near the town, so they continued to bloom black.

Rose perfume from Halfeti

In this way you can still find the Halfeti roses in this Turkish village. Its mystery and beauty continue to amaze those who observe it.

Personally I like the color black, and these roses have always captivated my attention, although I did not know their origin.

For the strange and difficult to get that this flower is, if we can not have it in our garden, at least we will have it very close to the heart. 🙂

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