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Sunflowers: symbol of joy and prosperity. National Flower of Ukraine

Hello friends, today we will change the color of our blog. I think he lacked something of life, of happiness, and what better color than yellow. Our main flowers today are sunflowers.

The sunflowers

The sunflowers
In some cultures it represented the deity of the Sun
Sunflowers are original flowers of America since the 1000 BC. Its cultivation dates back to the year 1000 a. C., but there are data that indicate that the sunflower was domesticated first in Mexico in the year 2600 years a. C.

In many aboriginal cultures, the sunflower was used as a symbol representing the deity of the sun, mainly the Aztecs and Otomies in Mexico, and the Incas in Peru. For example Francisco Pizarro found it in Tahuantinsuyo (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador), where the natives venerated a sunflower image as a symbol of their solar god.

The sunflowers arrived in Europe with the Spanish conquering navigators in the year 1510. The sunflowers were planted for the first time in the Botanical Garden of Madrid. At first, this flower was accepted only as a decorative plant, called “Chrysanthemum of Peru.” In 1576 the biologist Matías de Lobel, was the first to give him the name of sunflower and legalized the sunflower with the scientific name of Helianthus (from the Greek helios, “sun” and anthos, “flower”).

This plant is popularly known by various names such as Mirasol or Girasol, calom, jáquima, maravilla, mirasol, tlapololote, tile corn, acahual (from náhuatl atl, agua and cahualli, left, abandoned) or shield flower (from Nahuatl chimali, shield and xochitl, flower).

In 1716 in England the patent was registered to extract the oil from the seed. Previously, the English ate sunflower flowers with vinegar and butter.

Sunflower oil

Sunflowers: National Flower of Ukrainede Ucrania
Sunflowers: National Flower of Ukraine

National Flower of Ukraine

In Ukraine the sunflower arrived in the eighteenth century. For 125 years it was used as a decoration flower until it was used as an agricultural plant. Ukrainians are very fond of this flower for its healing properties and its usefulness, for its simplicity and its bright appearance. Currently it is the national flower of Ukraine. In Ukrainian folklore it is believed that sunflower symbolizes fertility and unity. Ukrainians believe that these flowers look towards the sky looking for hope and well-being. While at night they lower their heads to reflect on their lives.

Main characteristics of sunflowers

Sunflowers are plants that belong to the Asteraceae family. The life of the plant as its name indicates (Annuus) is about 1 year. They can reach a height of 2 to 6 meters, although some varieties only reach 40 cm. Its stem is long and without branches. Its oval leaves, broad and rough to the touch. Sunflowers bloom in summer and their flowers are large with dark center.

In Mythology …

In Greek mythology, the nymph Clytia fell madly in love with the sun god, Apollo, who did not feel the same for her. Clytia’s heart broke and she died of grief, becoming a sunflower that followed the sun wherever it went. He did not want to lose sight of his love, the Sun.

How to grow it

To grow this plant the most important thing to keep in mind is that it must be exposed to the sun. It must also be a well-nourished land and water it frequently. the sowing is done when the winter ends. The seeds are planted about 1/2 inch deep and at a distance of 2 feet between them. Here I leave a link with the best sunflower seeds of various colors you can find.

Sunflower seeds

Meaning of sunflowers

The appearance of the flower itself has acquired different meanings over time. For example, its petals simulate the intense yellow rays of the sun and evoke the feeling of warmth and happiness. In addition, the flower is associated with adoration and longevity. The sunflower is the symbol of the Sun and symbolizes love and admiration. But also happiness, vitality, positivism and energy. In Chinese culture it symbolizes a long life and good luck. It is said that having them in the house is very important because it attracts good fortune and prosperity to the home. Also, they must be placed in arrangements at the dining table, since the table is where the center of prosperity and wealth in the houses lies.

The sunflowers of Van Gogh
The sunflowers of Van Gogh

Due to their characteristics and diverse meanings that have been given to them, many artists found in sunflowers a source of inspiration and expression which was reflected in their works. One of the most significant examples is the collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh called The sunflowers, painted in oil. In addition, architects and industrial designers have also found inspiration in them when creating solar panels.

Use of sunflowers

Undoubtedly the sunflowers are beautiful and we like to use them for the decoration of our homes, places of work, etc. But it is also used for meals, like seeds, to produce oil. Sunflower contains up to 58% oil in its fruit, oil that is used for cooking, and also to produce biodiesel. The “pomace” that remains after the extraction of the oil is used to feed the cattle, as well as its leaves. The stems contain a fiber that is used in the production of paper. In addition, they make beautiful bridal bouquets of sunflowers.

If you want to wish prosperity and joy or show love and admiration for someone, give them sunflowers. I assure you it will be a special gift that will show proud to others. Cheer up! You just have to click on this image to enter the store and buy a beautiful gift, do not miss this opportunity.

Bouquets of sunflowers

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Do you have a garden at home? Sow sunflowers and you can also use them to ward off pests in your garden. So you can have them closer to the heart.

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