flor de baobab

The baobab flower: a centennial and majestic tree

Hello friends, today we will talk about a very peculiar flower, it is the Baobab flower.

Baobab flower

baobab flower

The scientific name of this plant of African origin is Adansonia digitata, but it is popularly known as the baobab or monkey breadfruit. These trees can reach up to 25 meters high, however the circumference of their trunk can exceed 40 meters.

They are trees that can last hundreds of years old, even more, since some of them have been found around 4000 years old.

The baobab tree has 8 known species, of which there is one in Africa, one in Australia and the other 6 in Madagascar. This is one of the reasons why the baobab is the national tree of Madagascar.

baobab flower

In South Africa it is of such importance and significance that they created the Order of the Baobab to recognize the work of those exceptional citizens.

This peculiar tree only has leaves 4 months in the year, the rest of the time it photosynthesizes through a thin layer of cellular tissue that it has on the trunk. It is the largest succulent that exists, as it can store up to 120,000 liters of water in its trunk.

A very peculiar feature of this tree is the flowers. It blooms for the first time after 20 years. Its flowers open at dusk and are pollinated by bats and some nocturnal insects attracted by the sweet and abundant nectar, hence they have a ghoulish odor. They last less than 12 hours, because at dawn they close never to open again.

Baobab flowers are large and can be up to 12 cm in diameter. They are also white and hermaphrodite. These produce a fruit that looks like a small melon.

Baobab tree use

baobab fruit

Almost everything can be used from this tree. With its leaves you can make soups, they contain a large amount of minerals and are also used in pharmacology, for the manufacture of creams and infusions. Paper is made from the bark, and some native tribes make ropes from it. Its fruit is an exquisite food, with which pasta is made and a very refreshing drink is made. Its seeds are also used, because roasted, they are a substitute for coffee, and an oil that is used both for cooking and for cosmetic uses is extracted from fresh seeds, since it has the characteristic of hydrating and healing the skin.

If you want to see more images of this great tree, click here.

The baobab plant is really majestic, right? Leave us your comments and share on your social networks if you liked the article. Until next time.

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