Biarum dispar

Biarum dispar: a flower in danger of extinction

Hello, lovers of flowers and plants. In today’s article we will talk about the Biarum dispar plant, a strange but fascinating species. This is included in the category “Endangered species” in the Regional Catalog of Wild Protected Flora of the Region of Murcia (Decree 50/2003).

Biarum dispar

Biarum dispar in danger of extinction
Biarum dispar in danger of extinction

It is a flowering plant at ground level, linked to the banks and flooding surfaces of several ravines of the Campo de Cartagena region. At present, these lands are subject to a strong agricultural transformation. In addition, the rural practices that favored it today are almost unused, so they are doomed to disappear.

The installation of electrical infrastructures, browsing by small invertebrates and fungal diseases are also other threats to Biarum dispar, although it has been found to be more timely.

Biarum dispar
The flowers give off a strong smell

The Murcia region where this rare plant is located, the Campo de Cartagena, is characterized by extensive flat surfaces and the presence of soft hills. Before they were occupied by dense espartales (Stipa tenacissima), for that reason it was denominated Campus spartarius in Roman time.

Characteristics of the disparate biarum dispar

Its leaves are broadly oblong, petiolate, petiole winged and with wavy margins, its peduncle can reach up to 16 cm. The flowers of this plant give off a strong rotten smell that attracts beetles and diptera. The fruit is generally buried underground or very shallow. It is a globose group of greenish berries up to 10 mm. Each balla inside have a single seed, ovoid, ocher color.

Biarum dispar in danger of extinction
Its peduncle can reach up to 16 cm

This strange plant is very difficult to find and has specific conditions for its cultivation. For this reason it is necessary to protect it to prevent it from disappearing completely.

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